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failed hdd  

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i was running solus gnome, but crashed, and i faced emergency mode alert.
then i decided to install another OS, i went for archman gnome last build.
my PC have 2 disk drive, one HDD for home partition, and another one is ssd for root partition.
my HDD had 3 partition, one empty around 80 GB in beginning, swap at next and last one for home.
i was installed archman Linux,
in installation setup, i decided to remove empty partition in HDD and resize home partition, and started installation.
after couple minutes i assumed that it is take too long, then i aborted installation, and removed HDD and installed manjaro in ssd.
but now after connect the HDD, it dos not mount when i click to open it.
and also in disk app and gparted, i cant do anything (like resize etc.) on my HDD.
i had a lot of important data on this drive.
please help me to resolve it.

Gönderildi : 04/04/2020 9:40 am
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