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Roger De Salis
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Archman 20-04 is a tremendous achievement. Fantastically fast and handles 2 monitors properly.
I have spent 2 years almost looking for a linux distro that will handle a Hades Canyon NUC
(weird kernel boot, weird AMD graphics). Exceptional success..

There is one very minor problem, set up for two screens, works fine at boot.
When the system goes into lockscreen, then log in to remove screenlock, the
two monitors become a copy of monitor 1, and monitor 2 is lost. Reboot fixes
the problem, and I am sure I can work around it.

Many Thanks

Topic starter Gönderildi : 20/04/2020 12:27 am
Üye Admin

You can turn off the screen saver and you can mark the system sleep wait time as 'never' from the power manager.

Thank you for your nice thoughts 🤗 

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Gönderildi : 20/04/2020 4:29 am
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