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How to switch graphicla driver?

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first of all thanks for the great distro, I´ve tried some Arch based Linux distros but Archman is far ahead of the rest of the gang when it´s about to get your desktop setup and running.

But I have one big issue left: I´m running Archman for quit some time as an admin workstation on an old MacBook Pro. Problem: it has a NVidia 320m graphics chip. Some tasks lead into a total freeze of the screen, you are still able to log into the machine via ssh and do a reboot but all current work is gone. I´ve tried the same tasks with the live system booted from an usb stick and the freezes doesn´t occure. What I would like to do is to switch the Nouveau kernel driver back to the vesa driver but I can´t find the right config file to du so and I don´t want to mess up my otherwise running system with some trial and error tests. Any advice is welcome.

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Thank you for your nice thoughts on Archman. I think you will benefit from the link below .


http://archman.org - Bizi bilen iyi bilir, bilmeyen de kendi gibi bilir.!

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