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[Çözüldü] Bluetooth Service is loaded but not seeing device

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I am new to Archman, used a live boot a day so then I installed it to a USB. Really like what you did with the desktop of your XFCE, nice.

Anyway the bluetooth service seems to be running according to > sudo systemctl status bluetooth however when I attempt to pair with bluetooth mouse it cannot. It does not appear to be recognizing the WiFi/Bluetooth 7265 Intel card. I have used this card with many other live boot distros and I believe this is the first problem encountered. Mouse is a Logitech MX Master which has been and is consistently reliable.

Being a primary Windows user I am weak in trouble shooting, can you help with suggestion or guidance?

I have been dual booting debian with windows for about 2 years but I like the pacman manager better and your DE. Hope to overcome this hickup so I can pursue using Archman. Thank you!

Topic starter Gönderildi : 12/10/2021 1:10 am
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Took my USB home last night and tried it on my Dell XPS 13-7390 and Logitech Anywhere 2S bluetooth mouse and it worked well, so you know. This morning I brought it back to work with me and plugged in the HP laptop with Intel 7265 adapter, still not working. However I saw a notice I had two updates available so I applied. Keep in mind I did apply all updates yesterday using pacman. Now the bluetooth mouse is working. YAY! ! ! Not sure what went wrong but I'm glad it working as expected now.

I like your product so that is a pleasant surprise. Now I can advance to an SSD install. I intend to leave windows now and no longer dual boot and I suspect Archman will be my final choice as I like your simple yet eye appealing desktop choices. I will close the post as solved. Thank you.

Topic starter Gönderildi : 12/10/2021 3:11 pm
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Is your problem still ongoing or has it been resolved? 

http://archman.org - Bizi bilen iyi bilir, bilmeyen de kendi gibi bilir.!

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