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Possible bug: missing text where colon, etc should be

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Hi all,
Archman JWM user here. When in file manager, or a program that uses it, the dates and days appear fine, but items modified today that require a time show in place of the colon a box similar to what might indicate a missing icon. I have seen this in other situations as well. I have a screenshot that shows this, but am unable to paste it here. Sorry to be so vague, but i hope someone who has also experienced this and knows Turkish can get it placed onto the list of bugs to be fixed? Many thanks!

I came to Archman for the JWM desktop as few Arch-based distros include it out of the box. Much appreciation to Archman and the person(s) responsible for the JWM community edition!

Topic starter Gönderildi : 19/10/2019 5:10 am
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