Archman – Xfce 2019-04 – Code name: Abant – Stable Release


Archman – Xfce 2019-04 – Code name: Abant – Stable Release

Hi, Archman Community..

Archman – Xfce 2019-04 Code name: Abant Stable Release ready to use


Lake Abant (Turkish: Abant Gölü) is a freshwater lake in Turkey’s Bolu Province in northwest Anatolia, formed as a result of a great landslide. The lake lies at an altitude of 1,328 m (4,357 ft) at a distance of 32 km (20 mi) from the provincial seat of Bolu city. It is a vacation and excursion spot for both Turkish and foreign travellers due to the natural environment, forests, and accessibility by car. (It is served by a 21 km (13 mi) road leaving from the İstanbul-Ankara motorway or the highway D-100 at the level of Mount Bolu, three hours’ drive from these two largest cities of Turkey). Lake Abant is a natural park.
Abant Bolu Province.jpg

The lake covers an area of 1.28 km2 (0.49 sq mi) and its deepest spot is 18 m (59 ft). The lake area has two large hotels in the immediate vicinity of the shores, as well as other amenities and services for visitors, who sometimes alternatively opt for the family guesthouses available in the nearby town of Mudurnu 18 km to the south. To the north of the lake, at a distance of 8 km (5.0 mi) from Bolu city, is the main campus of Abant Izzet Baysal University.

European black pine, Scots pine, oaks, ashes, hornbeams, willows, junipers, tamarisks, hazels, common medlar, and strawberry trees are among the tree species that make up the lake’s woodlands, and there are wild boars, fallow deer, roe deer, red deer, brown bears, wolves, red foxes, jackals and rabbits in the surrounding forests, which makes the lake a prized location for hunters during the season. The lake is inhabited by the Abant trout Salmo abanticus, a (sub)species of trout which is strictly endemic to this lake only.

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In this release you will see a 70% centered panel at the bottom of the screen. With this panel’s smart hiding feature, the entire screen will be in your use. We also grouped window tasks as icons only in the panel. In this release we have made many cosmetic changes. We set the Papirus icon set aside and decided to use the Surfn Arc icon set. In Archman Sample Files, we put information and visual files about Lake Abant which we introduced in this release. We’ve fixed many bugs you’ve detected in earlier release. We have also considered your recommendations. We tried to include your suggestions in this release. As an alternative package installer, we have added TKPACMAN to Archman repositories and we recommend you to try it.

Release Notes and packages:

linux 5.0.5.arch1-1
pamac-aur  7.3.5-1
surfn-icons-git 9.6-20
archman-settings-manager  0.5.5-3
archman-example-files 20190327-1
archman-wallpapers 20190327-1
archman-xfce-settings 20190403-1
Qogir-light-theme 20190103-1
calamares 3.2.4-1
firefox 66.0.2-1
Xfce4 4.12.4-1
libreoffice-still 6.1.5-3
gimp 2.10.8-1
inkscape 0.92.4.-4
virtualbox  6.0.4-1
Last updated drivers
Unsupported drivers – Updated
AUR repos enabled
Multilib Arch repos enabled
Archman background and wallpapers (Open source internet research)
Liberation Sans font
Drop-Down terminal= F12
Screenshots= PrtSc
Start Menu= Super+L (win start button)
Calamares slides (Tulliana – Archman core developer)
click here for package list

Facilitated Terminal commands

sudo pacman -S ==> pac
sudo pacman -Ss ==> pacs
sudo pacman -Syy ==> pacu
sudo pacman -Syu ==> update
sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck ==> unlock
sudo pacman -Scc ==> clean
sudo pacman -R ==> remove
sudo reflector –verbose –latest 15 –sort rate –save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist ==> mirrors
sudo reflector –verbose –latest 15 –sort rate –save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist && sudo pacman -Syyu ==> upgrade
sudo pacman -Qi ==> info
trizen -S package ==> aur package
trizen -S package –noconfirm ==> aurno package

Suse ImageWriter recommended to transfer usb disk on Linux and on Windows
(Suse ImageWriter on Archman repos)

Format USB disk:

sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sd? -I

dd command:

sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/to/archman.iso of=/dev/sd? status=progress && sync

(as root or with sudo)

Update instructions:
Update your system as usual with pamac. On terminal with pacman:

pac release-archman
lsb_release -a






Please test and tell us your findings and findings about this release.

Kind regards..



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thank you very much for the great distro !!

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