Archman KDE Plasma 2019.02 – Code name: Duden Waterfalls – Stable Release


Archman KDE Plasma 2019.02 – Code name: Duden Waterfalls – Stable Release

Hi, Archman Community..

Archman KDE Plasma 2019.02 – Code name: Duden Waterfalls – Stable Release ready to use


Release Notes and packages:
linux  4.20.7.arch1-1
plasma-desktop 5.14.5-2
plasma-framework 5.55.0-1
qt5-base 5.12.1-2
Pamac-aur  7.3.4-2
Archman-settings-manager  0.5.5-3
Calamares  3.2.3-2
Virtualbox  6.0.4-1
Last updated drivers
Unsupported drivers – Updated
AUR repos enabled
Multilib Arch repos enabled
Archman background and wallpapers (Open source internet research)
Drop-Down Yakuake terminal= F12
Screenshots= PrtSc
Start Menu= Super+L (win start button)
Calamares slides (Tulliana – Archman core developer)
click here for package list

Facilitated Terminal commands

sudo pacman -S ==> pac
sudo pacman -Ss ==> pacs
sudo pacman -Syy ==> pacu
sudo pacman -Syu ==> update
sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck ==> unlock
sudo pacman -Scc ==> clean
sudo pacman -R ==> remove
sudo reflector –verbose –latest 15 –sort rate –save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist ==> mirrors
sudo reflector –verbose –latest 15 –sort rate –save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist && sudo pacman -Syyu ==> upgrade
sudo pacman -Qi ==> info
trizen -S package-name ==> aur package-name
trizen -S package-name –noconfirm ==> aurno package-name

Suse ImageWriter recommended to transfer usb disk on Linux and on Windows
(Suse ImageWriter on Archman repos)

Format USB disk

sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sd? -I

dd command

sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/to/archman.iso of=/dev/sd? status=progress && sync

(as root or with sudo)

Update instructions:
Update your system as usual with pamac. On terminal with pacman

updatepac release-archmanlsb_release -a






Please test and tell us your findings and findings about this release.

Kind regards..


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SilvioPosted on12:20 pm - Mar 20, 2019

Hi Tulliana,

I like the way you introduce Archman and I was wishing to try Archman KDE Plasma 2019.02 – Code name: Duden Waterfalls – Stable Release but the iso does’nt work; md5 and sha1 are regular but it is unusable as in live as installed, desktop turns black, can’t open any app or opening in funny way showing half black window or disappearing, mouse funny too. I have been trying with DVD and USB stick (dd command). Test on computer desktop with Intel i5, 4GB DDR3 RAM, Nvidia GeForce 210 HDD GPT/UEFI.
Am not writing here to criticize, just letting you know my experience.

Best Regards

MikePosted on5:20 am - Dec 3, 2019

I couldn’t install the KDE version either. Same problems with flickering video and couldn’t do anything with the desktop. I saw boot errors about kernel modules not loading. I installed the XFCE version with no problems and installed plasma into it.

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