About to Archman

The name Archman is derived from the combination of Arch linux and Pacman package management. Archman is a linux distribution from Turkey.

Archman’s development and support team has been a team that has been supporting Arch and Arch-based deployments since long. Especially Manjaro has a serious global career in Linux development. The Archman.org site has an average of 5 years of training and support for this team. Solutions and documentation for Archman and other Arch-based distributions are also provided by this team.

Archman Linux is Arch Linux? Yes Archman is Linux Arch Linux. Everything except the distribution name and version information is Arch Linux. Archman is pure Arch Linux, which will answer with the comment of the users. We have just released the optimal Arch linux environment for you and optimize it. While we were preparing this work, we put forward our experience in past projects. We left a tutorial tutorial adventure door open with Arch Linux, leaving some work to the user while aiming at a hardware friendly and easy system.

The Archman package repository contains very few packages. These packages include distribution artwork, configurations, several packages that are not supported in the official repositories, and hardware drivers that are not supported yet. Apart from this, it is the reason why it is preferable to be a depot that grows constantly. Because we do not want to get you out of Arch linux.

Archman’s development is based on an understanding of development that includes user feedback and experience components. With the past experience of our team, the feedbacks and requests from our users are blended together taking notes and the road maps are determined and the build works are done. In order to achieve a stable version, alpha, pre, beta, rc, etc. are passed through the stages of the test.

For Archman USB transfer, we recommend using the transfer method with Suse ImageWriter and dd commands, including Arch linux and all distributions using this base. If you have installed with other software, you may encounter problems that have no idea about why.

Archman code development area: https://gitlab.com/archman-os

Archman installation media supply area: https://sourceforge.net/projects/archman-os/files