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archman.org site Archman is the official site for GNU / Linux distribution. Archman.org is also the site of support for all distributions based on Arch Linux and Arch Linux. Using Arch Linux is a privilege, use of Pacman is a privilege.

About Archman

Archman Gnu/Linux, Arch Linux-based, originating in Turkey, convenient, easy, fast and powerful a linux distribution. Archman has a minimal package repository with its own customizations and configurations and uses Arch Linux repositories almost entirely. Archman Linux is easy to use and development

Archman is Easy

With a minimal repository, Archman Linux prepares and delivers the Arch Linux experience to its users at the highest level. Archman Linux is easily installed on your computer with a few clicks. It is possible to install packages on Archman linux with a few clicks or shortened commands

Rolling Release

Archman GNU/Linux is a rolling release system. You get an up-to-date system with updates or new installation media. Archman Linux releases a major release on average in four seasons and an intermediate update release every month. In Archman version, the introduction of natural or historical sites in Turkey is done.


Verify the Arch Linux installation media using the sha1sum and md5sum hash values we have provided in the release announcements. Prepare CDs, DVDs or USB sticks using the transfer methods recommended by us. If you need support, check out our documentation from the forum or post your issue in a suitable topic or create a new topic.

How to USB Transfer

You can install Archman on CD or DVD. For installation from a USB stick, we recommend Suse ImageWriter and it is available in our package repository. There is also a windows version of the application. You can also create the installation media from the USB memory with the dd commands: sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/archman.iso of=/dev/sd? status=progress && sync

Open Source

Archman GNU/Linux is an open source operating system and has adopted a transparent development model. You can follow every step of our work from our project account, ie gitlab.com/archman-os. In addition, if you want to contribute to the project, you can open a forum and contact us. Archman Linux is a global linux distribution.

Want to learn more about Pacman usage and our documentation?

Archman and Pacman Usage

Archman News

You can browse important news and log entries for all distributions based on Archman Linux and Arch based on the following headings.

Bytulliana Jan 8, 2020

Archman – Xfce 2020-01 Code name: Lake Van – Stable Release

Hi, Archman Community.. Archman - Xfce 2020-01 Code name: Lake Van Stable Release ready to use Lake Van - VAN/TURKIYE Lake Van (

Bytulliana Dec 3, 2019

Archman – Xfce 2019-12 Stable Release ready to use

Hi, Archman Community.. Archman - Xfce 2019-12 Code name: Lake With Fish (Şanlıurfa-Balıklıgöl) Stable Release ready to use Alıntı

Bytulliana Nov 10, 2019

Archman – Mate Edition 2019-11 Stable Release

Hi, Archman Community.. Archman – Mate Edition 2019-11 Stable Release ready to use Archman Linux is just Arch linux. Fast, visual, stable