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Archman – Gnome Edition 2019.02 Stable Release

Hi, Archman Community..

Archman – Gnome Edition 2019.02  Stable Release ready to use

Archman Linux is just Arch linux. Fast, visual, stable and easy. In this release, you’ll find Gnome Desktop management as a customized, fast, stable, visual, and low resource-consuming system. Of course, the feedback we received from you and the global community was evaluated as usual and included in the installation media. Please see the screenshot and the specific packages below for this version. Please feel free to write to us, make suggestions and provide feedback.



Release Notes and packages:
linux 4.20.12.arch1-1
gnome-desktop 3.30.2
Pamac-aur  7.3.4-2
archman-gnome-settings 20190226-1
Archman-settings-manager  0.5.5-3
Calamares  3.2.4-21/b]
Virtualbox  6.0.4-1
Last updated drivers
Unsupprted drivers – Updated
AUR repos enabled
Multilib Arch repos enabled
Archman background and wallpapers (Open source internet research)
Calamares slides (Tulliana – Archman core developer)
click here for package list

You can use this version as Budgie or Cinnamon in one step:

sudo pacman -S budgie-desktop


sudo pacman -S cinnamon

after you install your session or restart your computer and you can choose the desktop management you want.

Facilitated Terminal commands

sudo pacman -S ==> pac
sudo pacman -Ss ==> pacs
sudo pacman -Syy ==> pacu
sudo pacman -Syu ==> update
sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck ==> unlock
sudo pacman -Scc ==> clean
sudo pacman -R ==> remove
sudo reflector –verbose –latest 15 –sort rate –save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist ==> mirrors
sudo reflector –verbose –latest 15 –sort rate –save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist && sudo pacman -Syyu ==> upgrade
sudo pacman -Qi ==> info
trizen -S package ==> aur package
trizen -S package –noconfirm ==> aurno package

Suse ImageWriter recommended to transfer usb disk on Linux and on Windows
(Suse ImageWriter on Archman repos)

Format USB disk:

sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sd? -I

dd command:

sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/to/archman.iso of=/dev/sd? status=progress && sync

(as root or with sudo)

Update instructions:
Update your system as usual with pamac. On terminal with pacman

pac release-archman
lsb_release -a






Please test and tell us your findings and findings about this release.

Kind regards..


forum post and feedback: http://archman.org/forum/index.php?topic=3047.msg19996#msg19996


Archman Budgie/Gnome 17.08 Edition (Codename: Panthera Tigris) Released

Archman Budgie/Gnome 17.08 Edition (Codename: Panthera Tigris) Released (all in one)

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Budgie login

Budgie desktop/dock panel

Budgie release/home

Budgie settings/pamac


Gnome login

Gnome Desktop

Gnome preview

Gnome apps/menu

Gnome settings/home

Release Notes and packages:

linux  4.12.8-2 (linux kernel)
budgie-desktop-git  v10.4.r2.gc2d75cdc-1
gnome-desktop- 3.24.2-1
gnome-extra packages
pamac-aur  5.1.0-1 (libalpm package installer)
papirus-icon-theme  20170804-1 (icon set)
archmanos-gtk3-theme  0.1-4 (theme and window decoration (arch-darker-osx based- combination: tulliana)
calamares-3.1.1-1 (universal system installer)
firefox  55.0.3-1 (internet browser)
libreoffice-still  5.3.5-1 (office applications)
gimp  2.8.22-1 (Image Manipulation Program)
inkscape  0.92.2-2 (vector application)
virtualbox  5.1.26-1 (virtual machine)
archman-budgie-settings  20170831-2 (Archman Budgie default settings)
Last updated drivers
Unsupprted drivers (b43-firmware-, xf86-video-sis-0.10.8-3 …)
Screenshot shortcut key: PrtSc
AUR repos enabled
Multilib Arch repos enabled
Archman-OS Theme (combination by tulliana)
Tiger background and wallpapers (Open source research)
Cantarel font
Screenshots= PrtSc
Start Menu= Super+L (win start button)
Calamares slides (Canemir – Archman artwork developer)
click here for package list

Facilitated Terminal commands

sudo pacman -S ==> pac
sudo pacman -Ss ==> pacs
sudo pacman -Syy ==> pacu
sudo pacman -Syu ==> update

Suse ImageWriter recommended to transfer usb disk on Linux and on Windows
(Suse ImageWriter on Archman repos)

Format USB disk:
sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sd? -I

dd command:
sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/to/archman.iso of=/dev/sd? status=progress && sync(as root or with sudo)


Please test and tell us your findings and findings about this release.Kind regards..tulliana…

forum post: