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archman.org site Archman is the official site for GNU / Linux distribution. Archman.org is also the site of support for all distributions based on Arch Linux and Arch Linux. Using Arch Linux is a privilege, use of Pacman is a privilege.

About Archman

Archman Gnu/Linux is an Arch Linux based, Turkish origins but global linux distribution. Archman is a handy, easy, fast and powerful linux distribution. Archman's official versions are available to you with Xfce, KDE-Plasma, Mate and LxQt desktop management. In addition to these desktop administrations, other desktop administrators can also work on the requests from the community in order to prepare the version. Although Archman GNU/Linux also has a package repository that has its own customizations and configurations, it uses almost all Arch Linux repositories. Archman opens the path to a linux distribution that is both easy to use and easy to develop. Archman is an end-user and developer-friendly linux distribution. We made it easy, but we left the adventure gate open.

Archman Convenience

Archman addresses both end-user and advanced user. If you want to install packages on Archman you will use Pacman from the terminal, you would prefer Pamac or Octopi package installer graphical interface applications from package depomuz. Archman is quite easy to install. There is Calamares universal system loader framework application by default on the system. With a few clicks, install your Archman GNU/Linux computer shortly. Archman linux is a pre-built and configured Arch linux. You can continue to use Arch linux completely by changing the / etc / lsb-release and etc / os-release file contents to Arch Linux after installation. Archman linux is just Arch linux.

Rolling Release

Software distributions, of which Linux distributions form a sizable proportion, are commonly referred to as distros, with rolling release distributions commonly referred to as rolling distros. When used as an adjective, instead of a noun, rolling release is often shortened to rolling, when referring to distributions, software, or development models. A rolling release is typically implemented using small and frequent updates. However, simply having updates does not automatically mean that a piece of software is using a rolling release cycle; for this, the philosophy of developers must be to work with one code branch, versus discrete versions.


You can obtain Archman Linux and other Arch based installation media from our download page. Verify the installation media you download from the sha1sum and md5sum hash values we gave in the release announcements. Use a CD, DVD, or the recommended USB transfer method. If you need support, type a suitable title in the forum or open a new topic. You can also find illustrated, video installation guides in the installation documentation section of the forum. Do not choose to download from somewhere other than our official download links. You can follow announcement titles and social media pages for current versions.

How to USB Transfer

You can install Archman via CD or DVD. As in Arch-based linux distributions, Achman GNU/Linux is installed in computer by transferring it to a USB disk in a similar way. The healthiest application we recommend for installation is the Suse ImageWriter application, and the package is available in our depot. There is also a windows version of the application. You can also prepare USB installation media with dd commands. For this you can look at the example command and edit and print it according to your own: sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/archman.iso of=/dev/sd?

Open Source

Archman GNU/Linux is an open source operating system and adopts a transparent development model. You can follow each phase of our work through our project account, github.com/archman-os. Also if you want to contribute to the project you can open the title and contact us. You can take part in areas such as system development, forum management or social media presentations, in line with your information and units, you can be part of the Archman team. Archman GNU/Linux is a Linux distribution originating from Turkey, but also aimed at an important position in the global arena. Our distribution is also located on Distrowatch.

Want to learn more about Pacman usage and our documentation?

Archman and Pacman Usage

Archman News

You can browse important news and log entries for all distributions based on Archman Linux and Arch based on the following headings.

Bytulliana Aug 6, 2017

Archman Xfce 17.08 Edition (Codename: Panthera Tigris) Released

Archman Xfce 17.08 Edition (Codename: Panthera Tigris) Released Tiger (Panthera Tigris): The tiger (Panthera tigris) is the largest cat sp

Bytulliana Aug 4, 2017

Archman 17.08 KDE Plasma Edition Released(Code name: Yusuf Faruk Doğan)

Hi... Dear Archman community; Archman 17.08 KDE Plasma Edition Released(Code name: Yusuf Faruk Doğan) Archman 17.08 is codename Panther

Bytulliana Jul 30, 2017

Archman Linux 17.06 Xfce Edition (Codename: Panthera Leo) Released

Archman Linux 17.06 Xfce Edition (Codename: Panthera Leo) Released Screenshots Release Notes and packages:

Bytulliana Jul 30, 2017

Archman 17.06 LxQt Edition (Codename: Panthera Leo) Released

Archman 17.06 LxQt Edition (Codename: Panthera Leo) Released Screenshots Release Notes and packages: linux  4

Bytulliana Jul 30, 2017

Archman Linux 17.06 Mate Edition (GTK3) (Codename: Lion) Released

Archman Linux 17.06 Mate Edition (GTK3) (Codename: Lion) Released Screenshots Release Notes and packages: linu

Bytulliana Mar 16, 2017

Archman GNU/Linux – Xfce 2017.03 Stable Release

Hi community, Archman GNU/Linux - Xfce 2017.03 Codename: Leptailurus Serval Stable Release Archman GNU/Linux 2017-03 RC-2 was a great candi